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Presentation at the United States Society for Ecological Economics

The United States Society for Ecological Economics (USSEE) invited Dr. Nikhil Joshi to present at their 9th biennial conference in June 2017 at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota USA. Dr. Joshi presented his Multilevel Research: Exploring new avenues for sustainability between ecological and economic systems. The USSEE provides a venue to collaborate on issues related to theory, policy, and the implementation of sustainable development. The topic of this particular conference was From Theory to Practice, and as ecological economics is a transdisciplinary field, the conference brought together individuals from the domains of economics, sociology and ecology to discuss and develop solutions to the complex and interrelated problems that the world faces. Dr. Joshi expanded on his research of identifying the organizational similarities between economic and ecological systems to also discuss the proposed solutions development that is being investigated through the Lifel Sustaination 2017. This work considers a unique perspective that aligns the financial investment networks with the ecological market networks in order to promote both economic empowerment and environmentalism. Click here to watch Dr. Joshi’s presentation online.