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Lifel is a global non-profit initiative to foster cross-disciplinary scientific research to develop a “big-picture” view of organization in living systems that spans biological, ecological, and socioeconomic domains.

 It leverages new organizational insights from scientific research to explore new avenues for multisystem sustainability between ecological, social, and economic systems on our planet.

Interdisciplinary collaborative research commenced and facilitated through an initial scaffolding of observations and ideas that present a “big-picture” view of organization in living systems. 

The research process then subjects these initial ideas to rigorous scientific inquiry through a process that invites and sponsors proposals to prove, disprove or improve these initial “big-picture” ideas. 

An iterative process is used to collaboratively develop a “big-picture” view of organization that spans biological, ecological, and socioeconomic systems.

This work is important and urgent because our ecological and social resources are rapidly declining. Despite decades of efforts in reforestation, conservation and social welfare, these resources continue to decline. Therefore, there is a pressing need for holistic solutions that can balance economic growth with ecological and social sustainability.

Lifel is a catalyst for economic, ecological and social sustainability. Providing a platform on which it curates and supports domain level research, Lifel then integrates these diverse domains in a collaborative approach with the researchers and scientists to form a “big picture” view of organization in living systems. This view enables Lifel to produce new useful organizational insights that facilitates the development of transdisciplinary sustainable solutions.

Lifel is a non-profit organization that generates funds from government, private donors, businesses and charitable institutions.

Lifel is run by a core group of scientific and administrative staff, mentored by Dr. Nikhil Joshi. Additionally, Lifel works extensively in collaboration with scientists and researchers around the globe.

There are many ways to get involved with Lifel. Look below for involvement in specific areas. Also, register to become a member on the website and subscribe/follow @Lifel on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

 - Researchers & scientists

Lifel is open to collaborating with researchers and scientists across all domains as the goal is to establish transdisciplinary organizational insights. Those that are working at the domain level of Lifel’s initial ideas or at an integrative level to connect these fields would be prime to immediately collaborate. Lifel is currently collaborating with researchers to develop new ideas and additional organizational insights that bring together other disciplines, therefore those that are interested and working in any field and want to help connect the dots are most welcome to work with Lifel. Write to Lifel at advisor@lifel.org.

 - Solution Developers

Lifel is open to work with solution developers to formulate solutions that provide multi-system sustainability. Developers will be able to collaborate with integrative researchers to develop designs based on the concepts researched by the scientific community. By utilizing the latest transdisciplinary organizational insights, Lifel will facilitate developers to build efficient and impactful sustainable solutions. To join Lifel in solving the problems the world faces, write to Lifel at advisor@lifel.org.

 - Funding Partners

Lifel is open to partner with corporate institutions, private foundations, charitable foundations, NGO’s, government agencies and philanthropists that are interested in supporting the work towards a sustainable future. To partner with Lifel, write to advisor@lifel.org.

 - Government Officials

Lifel recognizes the important role government plays in implementing sustainable solutions on a large-scale and is open to work with officials and agencies to benefit the economy through increased employment and regenerate the ecosystem to grow a sustainable society. To work with Lifel, write to info@lifel.org.

 - Media & Journalists

Lifel recognizes the important role of journalists and the media in disseminating information and bringing about awareness to both specific audiences and the mass public. Therefore, Lifel is open to work with organizations that are focused on one particular field and with those that are generalized. To receive information or conduct an interview, contact Lifel at info@lifel.org.

 - Others

The challenging problems mankind faces will affect everyone; therefore, it will take people from all backgrounds to work together to spread awareness and to implement the sustainable solutions. To get involved send an email to info@lifel.org or connect with @Lifel on social media (LinkdIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter).

Lifel has an opening for a Research Analyst that will work with leading scientists to explore the possible natural roots of financial investment networks in natural ecosystem flow networks. This project is mentored and supervised by Dr. Bernard Lietaer, a leading expert on monetary systems and sustainability.

Apply Now

Applications can be filled on the website or sent via email to advisor@lifel.org

Initial research suggests possible organizational similarities between mycorrhiza networks and gut-bacterial networks in ecosystems and financial investment networks in socioeconomic systems. It also presents preliminary thoughts on how such similarities could be leveraged to align economics and ecosystems.

The chapter is Multilevel Research: Exploring Natural Roots of Socio-Economic Organizations by Dr. Nikhil Joshi.

Read the paper

The research was published in the book The Future I nformation Society 2017. Dr. Joshi presented the research at The International Society for Information Sciences 2015, the United States Society for Ecological Economics ,2017 and The International Conference on Mycorrhiza 2017.

The research paper is available to read by registering on the Lifel website or by purchasing the book The Future Information Society

Becoming a registered member will allow you to be up to date with the latest progress regarding multi-system sustainability and the opportunity to collaborate with other scientists and researchers to see how your own research and ideas can contribute towards the science and development of sustainable solutions.

The Lifel Sustainathon is an invitation to scientists and researchers for comparative research across three key areas: 1. Mycorrhiza in ecosystem flow networks 2. Gut bacteria in ecosystem flow networks 3. Financial investment networks in socioeconomic flow networks. Lifel also invites leading sustainability solution developers to connect with research and to leverage new insights from research to explore avenues in sustainability between ecosystems and socioeconomic systems.

Through this collaborative effort, the Lifel Sustainathon aims to develop a deeper scientific understanding of some of mankind’s most challenging problems, and bring together the research and ideas that will contribute towards their sustainable solutions.