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WorldCAN Initiative

Lifel announces the launch of WorldCAN (World Communities and Nature), a platform that promotes environmental awareness, engagement, and community governance of natural ecosystems. This platform supports students and the general public in understanding the environmental issues and the impacts our communities are facing through various events, competitions, challenges and conferences.

WorldCAN was founded on two concepts, the first was in identifying the ecological degradation in India and the growing youth population as two groups that are underrepresented and perfectly aligned to work together. The understanding that the brunt of environmental issues will be borne by the next generation, therefore they are the ones that must take advantage of this opportunity to work towards environmental solutions and thus must be introduced to the environmental sector and supported in working towards its regeneration. This is a bottom up approach, bringing together local communities and nature. The second concept leading to WorldCAN was an ambitious goal delegates at the United Nations Environmental Assembly were formulating; for the world to have 1 billion citizen scientists. This was a fantastic call-to-action that fell in line with the initiative we were developing, and thus we are following through with bringing this platform to India.

WorldCAN raises representation of the youth and the environment as key factors for the future and the betterment of society. It then works with communities to develop governance models and an institutional framework that identifies and addresses environmental needs, and provides an avenue for environmental management and regeneration. (